Counseling Practice

The Counseling is designed to provide caring and compassionate counseling and consultation for individuals and families in an effort to

Counseling Practice

  • About

    C** Counseling is designed to provide caring and compassionate counseling and consultation for individuals and families in an effort to facilitate growth and education in a safe atmosphere of support and encouragement.

  • Challenge

    The C** Counseling team was looking for a performance-driven marketing agency to help increase the number of clients, propel their brand awareness, create a result oriented landing page and increase overall exposure in the highly competitive Tulsa area.

  • Results

    In a period of 3 months we were able to acquire 817 Conversion Actions, decrease the CPA to $7.95 , increase the Conversion Rate to 21,81% and establish C** Counseling as an authority in the Tulsa Counseling Industry.

What We Did

  • High Converting Landing Page Creation
  • Laser Targeted Google Ads
  • LSA (Local Search Advertising)
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • 488.32%
    Increase in Impressions for additional Brand Awareness.
  • 76%
    Increase In Lead Generation Conversions
  • -90.50%
    Decrease in Cost Per Conversion.

“I’ve worked with Savior Marketing for over a year now. We’ve seen a huge increase in the conversions and a great decrease in cost per conversion. They were clear in their reports and document very thoroughly and modifications and improvements. We’ve had to hire additional admin staff, and over 10 more providers due to the growth of our company over the last year. I would recommend them to any business owner wanting paid marketing.”

Picture of Angus M.

Angus M.

CEO, C** Counselling

Propel Your Local Business To New Highs

C** Counseling had previously tried PPC with no success. Spending without properly tracking conversions, paying too much for clicks – these were just a few issues.

However, they knew paid media could be successful to acquire new clients, increase website conversions and improve revenue while maintaining a specific ROAS.

So they sought out help to achieve these goals.

Saving Businesses With H.M.S™

Savior met with C** Counseling and discussed the customer persona, unique selling points, and performance objectives.
Based on this conversation, Savior was able to create a plan of attack.

Together, Savior and C** Counseling teams have developed a strong working relationship that involves all aspects of paid media management.

In addition to ongoing optimizations and bid management, upcoming strategies for C** Counseling include promoting their services and preparing various campaign expansions. The relationship continues to grow, and we continue to work closely with them to unlock even more value.

Let’s scale your business and your revenue, together

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