Mobile Mechanic

This Mobile Mechanic has a long standing history of successful repair business in the Georgia area.

Mobile Mechanic

  • About

    Mobile Mechanic has a long standing history of successful repair business in the Riverdale, Georgia area. With 100’s of happy clients and 24/7 Mobile Repair service that ultimately makes them stand out as trustworthy & reliable mechanics in the area.

  • Challenge

    This Mobile Mechanic team was looking for a performance-driven marketing agency to help increase the number of clients, create a result oriented landing page and increase exposure in the highly competitive Georgia area.

  • Results

    In a period of 3 months we were able to acquire 395 Conversion Actions, decrease the CPA to $10.12, increase the Conversion Rate to 47,11% and establish M** Mechanics as an authority in the Riverdale, Georgia Mechanic Industry.

What We Did

  • High Converting Landing Page Creation
  • Hyper-Local Google Ads
  • LSA (Local Search Advertising)
  • Precise Remarketing
  • 120.6%
    Increase in Impressions for additional Brand Awareness
  • 211%
    Increase In Lead Generation Conversions
  • -84.37%
    Decrease in Cost Per Conversion

“Savior has really helped us to grow our business. We have gone from 2 to 6 employees within a short time and plan to add 4 more employees very soon. They have consistently delivered new customers at a very low cost per acquisition and have been very responsive to our needs and customers needs.”

Picture of Keith N.

Keith N.

CEO, M** Mechanics

Propel Your Local Business To New Highs

M** Mechanics had previously tried PPC with no success. Spending without properly tracking conversions, paying too much for clicks – these were just a few issues.

However, they knew paid media could be successful to acquire new clients, increase website conversions and improve revenue while maintaining a specific ROAS.

So they sought out help to achieve these goals.

Saving Businesses With H.M.S.™

Savior met with M** Mechanics and discussed the customer persona, unique selling points, and performance objectives. Based on this conversation, Savior was able to create a plan of attack.

Together, Savior and M** Mechanics teams have developed a strong working relationship that involves all aspects of paid media management.

In addition to ongoing optimizations and bid management, upcoming strategies for M** Mechanics include promoting their services and preparing various campaign expansions.

Let’s scale your business and your revenue, together

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