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Welcome To Savior Marketing. We are excited to help you take your business or organization’s website to the next level.

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5 Steps to Start your Project

Learn Savior’s Project Life Cycle


Welcome to the Savior Family! We are excited to have you on board and are committed to setting you up for the successful execution of your project.

A crucial first step in this journey is your onboarding process. To facilitate effective collaboration, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with our project life cycle. Understanding this will help set clear expectations throughout the process.

Fill out the Surveys below thoroughly


Your next step is to thoroughly complete the forms related to your project. After filling out the appropriate form listed below, you will be able to schedule your Onboarding Call with your project manager.
During this call, your project manager will discuss your goals, review your assets, and outline the next steps in the process. Please ensure that the survey(s) are completed prior to the onboarding call, as this information is essential for a productive discussion.

Website Build

Website Build

If we are building a website for you then complete the Business Website Survey.
Business Website Survey

Sales Copywriting

Sales Copywriting

If we are writing content for your website, complete the copywriting survey.
Sales Copywriting Survey

Funnel Build

Funnel Build

Are you getting a funnel built for lead generation or product? Complete the funnel creation survey.
Funnel Build Survey

Logo Design

Logo Design

Are we designing a logo for your business/organization? Complete this survey.
Logo Design Survey

Setup a 15 minute Onboarding Call


Once you’ve completed the surveys, the next step is to arrange a brief 15-minute onboarding call with your project manager.
This call will be an opportunity to discuss your project goals, assets and next steps. Please use the calendar provided to select a time that works best for you.

Learn How to Use Teamwork


Now that you’re on board, the next important step is familiarizing yourself with Teamwork, our project management tool. It’s essential for collaboration, messaging, and tracking milestones and progress. Please watch the quick tutorial video for an effective guide on how to use Teamwork.

Learn How to Use Savior Pen Design Feedback Tool


Engage directly with the design process using our Savior Pen Design Feedback Tool. This tool allows you to review design prototypes and leave comments. Please watch the provided video tutorial to learn how to effectively use this tool and collaborate optimally with our design team.


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