‘Just Creating A Website’ Will Do Nothing For Your Business!

I worked as a freelance web professional, designing, and developing websites for several years. After doing this for a while, I transitioned into a full digital web agency, creating awesome websites.  I did the same thing as most web developers, just create a nice pretty website. My clients were happy and excited! I was too!

I used to think that building just a website for a  client would help their business. Many clients think that if they had a website it would solve all their problems. After sitting and interviewing client after client about website projects, I began to realize that there was a similar problem. Everyone was trying to solve this big problem, to bring in more revenue! But thought that a website would solve this problem. What I learned was there is a lot more to it. This idea of an Online Business & powerful marketing, extending their physical business to an online presence was what they needed. Their website was like a beautiful billboard in the middle of a desert! But they needed that billboard to be in the middle of Times Square, New York City.

Let’s talk about my good restaurant owner friend. He owns a very nice restaurant in Miami. He had no website for his restaurant. He called me,

Hey Monet I need a website.

So I scheduled a meeting with him. After speaking for a while about his project, I notice he didn’t just need a website, so I told him, “what if I told you, you do not need a website”. With a facial confusion, he responded, “What do you mean?”, “you need is an online business, an extension of your physical business online”. My good friend was very enthused about this idea and wanted to move forward to complete this new online business & internet marketing vision.

Online businesses, not websites. These days, clients are demanding more functionality and better results than what a simple website can offer. What you need is more revenue! not another website. You want a website with business functionality that fulfills real business goals and driven by a powerful marketing engine. Not a mere website.

Since I am committed to giving my clients what they needed most, More customers and more revenue, I have transitioned from a full digital web design agency, to a full internet marketing digital agency, and have developed a very strong HERO marketing engine, with great results!  By the way, you can learn more here, or get started free.

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