To bring in more residential roofing installation and replacement jobs from your online presence is really SIMPLE; DON’T OVER COMPLICATE IT.

If you are generating zero to very little business online, then your company might end up like Blockbuster, Sears, or Toys ”R” Us very soon…It’s just shocking how quickly the market can change. Don’t believe it? Then time will tell.


Can you guess just how many roofing company owners I’ve spoken to in the last couple of weeks who got burnt through the disappointing delivery and over-exaggeration of wanna be marketing agencies? Yes, over 90% of so-called agencies are questionable!


But marketing is important in order to get a steady flow of your ideal customer chasing you down to work with you. Which is what you really want isn’t it?


The strategy we have used to do that helped increase the conversions of one of our clients from 0.89% to 15%+ (which meant an immediate boost of tens of thousands of dollars in revenue) within a few weeks of making 3 simple online fixes. Well…here we go:

Simple Fix #1: Add Actionable CTA’s throughout your website.

Too often overlooked, but so many roofing contractors miss this important step on their website. You need a very targeted, specific, and actionable call to action (CTA) throughout your website to increase the click-through rates (CTR) of your contact methods. More click-throughs = more jobs. If you don’t have a very good, sales-oriented website, I suggest you get one done immediately!


Simple Fix #2: Implement the Digital “Door to Door” framework.

It’s such a waste to keep buying bad leads from lead vendors and then competing with 3 or 4 other roofing contractors for the same job. Basically flushing hard-earned money down the toilet over and over again…What a hassle! Getting customers from high-income neighborhoods with a guaranteed approach means everything for steady growth and scale. This means creating a system that uses hyper-local SEO strategies, business listings & citations, digital “door to door” online advertising campaigns to drive more traffic to your website and funnel.


Simple Fix #3: Leverage digital word of mouth & reputation management.

Now your phone is ringing off the hook, online estimate/quote requests and inquiries are flooding your inbox daily, it’s time to acquire more online reviews and leverage referrals. Reputation management is everything to build trust. Putting a system in place to consistently get massive amounts of high-quality reviews and referrals is KEY. Don’t underestimate this in your roofing company. This creates trust and sets you apart to DOMINATE your local market; basically the becoming local roofing KING.


Again, simple stuff, but as business owners, we sometimes neglect or forget the basics. As my mentor says “it’s the boring stuff that builds your business.”




Monet St Juste
Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at Savior Marketing. Monet has a passion for contractors and is on a mission to transform their businesses through precise-targeted online marketing systems that drive massive results and revenue.