One of the bigger challenges for your roofing business is acquiring high-quality leads. Especially when 95% of marketing “gurus” either don’t know nothing about the roofing industry or don’t know what they are doing. In fact, it might be a constant battle for some testing and throwing things against the wall hoping it works.

Generating qualified online leads can be a massive engine that can propel your roofing business. Well… let’s jump right into it and see what are 5 ways to generate commercial and residential roofing leads for your business online.

1. Hyper-Targeted Pay Per Click(PPC) Campaigns

Let’s jump-off with some pay per click stats that will blow you away:


  • Businesses make an average of $2 of revenue for every 1$ they spend on Google Ads
  • On average, 41% of users click on the top 3 paid ads on the search results page
  • 85% of users use the internet to look for local businesses
  • PPC visitors are 39% more likely to purchase something than people that came organically

Even with the rising costs and increasing number of competitors, PPC is one of the most effective and quickest ways to start piping those leads for your roofing business.
You can start seeing leads within a day if you set up your campaign correctly.

In the roofing space you can acquire both residential and commercial roofing leads using PPC.

2. Incorporating Storm Chasing Apps

We recently spoke to a roofer that told us that he had 4 different storm tracker apps that notify him every time there might be a storm looming in the area.

This is an amazing way to stay on top of areas in which storms can cause havoc to roofs. Most people will not think about their roofs until a leak appears. And most leaks are caused by a storm.

Stay on top of hot prospects by pinpointing where exactly the storms are.

3. Consistent Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is an amazing way to establish authority and credibility in your area.
If you provide relevant and useful content you can generate a ton of quality leads.

A consistent and original marketing strategy will eventually start generating lots of organic traffic to your website. More traffic means more leads!

This is an exceptional way to get people to know and trust your roofing expertise.

4. Create an Free Offer That Attracts

Who doesn’t like free stuff, right? Providing a free quote or consultation for potential clients’ roofs is a great way to have them hooked. In most cases people that actually jump into scheduling a free quote end up being your clients in the long run.

Also, popular examples include building calculators, compiling original research, and providing free helpful and educational guides.

So…What Now?

If you’re looking to supercharge your company’s online presence and multiply your qualified leads we’re here for you. Readers of our blog have an exclusive right to schedule a FREE Strategy Call.


What are you waiting for, let’s start propelling your roofing business to new heights!




Monet St Juste
Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at Savior Marketing. Monet has a passion for contractors and is on a mission to transform their businesses through precise-targeted online marketing systems that drive massive results and revenue.